New Yorker outs the clout of ultra-conservative talk show host Bryan Fischer

  • Conservative talk show host Bryan Fischer

Although Ryan Lizza's lengthy piece about what a second Obama term might look like takes up a significant amount of real estate in the current issue of the New Yorker, another story in the June 18 edition deserves attention going into this fall's election.

The story, titled "Bully Pulpit," is written by ace reporter Jane Mayer. It's a profile of Bryan Fischer, a conservative radio talk show host who broadcasts out of Tupelo, Mississippi and is a director of issue analysis with the American Family Association, a "pro-family" ministry that promotes Bible-based social conservatism and blasts popular culture.

Although Fischer has been doing his thing for a few years, he became a part of the national political scene earlier this year with his unrelenting criticism of Richard Grennell, whom Mitt Romney hired in April to serve as his national security spokesman. Grennell had previously worked for former UN Ambassador John Holton, as hawkish as it comes in the foreign policy world.

No, Fischer didn't have any issues with Grennell on policy issues.

He didn't like him because he's gay.