Tonight's Top Chef D.C. episode preview: Mystery boxes and secret agents

For tonight's Quickfire Challenge on Top Chef: D.C., Wylie Dufresne is guest judging, so I'm automatically thinking the chef'testants are going to have to do something crazy — and I'm right. It's a mystery box challenge (which we gather from the black boxes with large question marks on them) where they all get the same ingredients, have 30 minutes to cook, etc. Just as we think we know how this challenge works, a secret service agent walks out and places another mystery box on the table. The only insight we get as to what's going on is from Leah 2 (Amanda) who states that this challenge is "really, really hard" and she doesn't know what she's going to do. Wait, isn't that her reaction to every challenge?

I'm not really sure what the challenge is for the Elimination, other than the fact that they're cooking for CIA Director Leon Panetta and his pals at the CIA headquarters (the government agency in D.C., not the prestigious culinary school in New York).

We get a little foreshadowing as Kelly says that an hour and a half is plenty of time to cook as she's dumping rice into her rice cooker. My psychic sense tells me there may some overcooked or burned rice by the end of this episode. !ESCANDALO!

Check out the preview videos below.