Sh*t happened 6/11/15: Sports, of course, along with Rick Scott and the Florida presidential candidates

It rained. And rained and rained and rained and rained. It didn't rain enough, however, to wash away yesterday's shame. (Dibs on Yesterday's Shame as the name of my nu-folk band, by the way — of course we'll cover "California Dreamin'.")

The Bolts lost and the Rays won. Also, basketball and something about the NFL draft? My newfound respect for the multitasking abilities of sports-wagering addicts is oceanic.

Florida's answer to a question nobody asked about the nexus of immorality and insatiable self-interest, Governor Rick Scott, signed a bill requiring women seeking an abortion to endure an additional 24 hours of torturous self-doubt, gut-wrenching guilt and the agonizing realization that the most difficult decisions must ultimately be made alone before undergoing a medical procedure to which they are legally entitled. Because up until that point, the decision had been too easy, I guess. I hate to get really, really basic here, but doesn't it seem like the folks pushing back against Roe vs. Wade are always garbage people with whom no one in his or her right mind would engage in intercourse without a hazmat suit and the promise of access to a billion-dollar checking account?

A new Saint Leo University poll put Marco Rubio within striking distance of Jeb Bush's popularity with Floridians, and actually ahead of the former Florida governor in a theoretical head-to-head race. Related: Which Egyptian plague did YOU prefer?

And finally, a truck full of live sharks crashed on I-95 in Volusia County. SeaWorld mobilized to save the surviving sharks by transporting them to its Orlando care facility; ironically, the sharks had caused the crash when rumor spread through the tank that SeaWorld was their intended destination.