Project Runway podcast ep.3: the odd couples

I have said it before and I will say it again, I heart team challenges. I have been eagerly awaiting this hour of television for a week, I am not even kidding. I considered making a full-on advent calendar for the occasion but I think that may look a tad bit crazytown, sooooo, I just continually whined about this being the longest effing week ever until 10 p.m. Thursday night. Finally though, it happened, the time was upon us and Tim took the designers to The Met and then they all went to Mood and fought about fabric and it was everything I had ever hoped for, pretty much.

As if things could get any gosh darned better ... wrench in the plan! Halfway through their workroom Love Fest (which could also be referred to as the "We-all-hate-each-other/I-work-harder-than-her Fest") Tim does one of my favorite Tim Gunn moves of all time and asked them to "gather round." You KNOW what "gather round" means...PLOT TWIST!! Not only are they designing one "high end piece" with their partner but they are also creating an everyday piece for $50, and it has to be based on another team's design. HOLY FREAKING CRAP. Yeah, uh huh, as you can imagine, chaos ensues.

I don't want to spoil anything until we get into the podcast, but I have included a handy dandy list of the design teams and the team they are using as inspiration for their lower end piece. You can thank me by joining our CL Tampa Fantasy Game Group, by buying me drinks, or just by being a faithful reader. Oh, I also accept cash and fancy dinners, so keep that in mind. Mmmmmmkkkk, enough about me, here is your designer chart thingy:

Anthony & Seth: second look inspired by Jesus & Anthony

Jonathan & Mila: second look inspired by Anthony & Seth

Jesse & Ping: second look inspired by Emilio & Anna

Janeane & Ben: second look inspired by Jonathan & Mila

Jay & Maya: second look inspired by Janeane & Ben

Emilio & Anna: second look inspired by Jay & Maya

Jesus & Amy: second look inspired by Jesse & Ping

After the jump, the winners, losers, podcasting, cry count, etcetera (no idea how you spell that so just roll with it. Thankssomuch).