Movie Review: Get Low, starring Robert Duvall, Bill Murray, Sissy Spacek and Lucas Black (with trailer video)

It’s hard to talk about Aaron Schneider’s Get Low without considering the long career of Robert Duvall. The film is being hyped as a rejuvenation for the actor (much like Jeff Bridges’ Oscar win earlier this year), but that’s all advertisement. The real draw is seeing Duvall in a lead role like this again, one that’s completely tailored to his talents and tough-guy persona. As Felix Bush, a crusty old hermit with the nasty habit of attempting to shoot anyone who trespasses on his property (but with a good heart underneath the tough exterior, of course), Duvall makes a ridiculous character thoroughly believable.

At first glance the story is intriguing, no doubt thanks to it being reportedly true. A hermit living in a cabin in the Tennessee woods for almost 40 years becomes legend in a depression-era town, where hundreds of tall tales about him float among the populace. One day the hermit walks into town and offers a giant wad of cash to a funeral home to plan him a living funeral and invite everyone in the nearby area who has a story to tell about him. It sounds like a potentially morbid black comedy (and not a particularly inspired one, as Get Low shares a premise with The Living Wake, released earlier this summer), but the set-up is just window-dressing for a story of redemption.