Concert review: Luke Preston at Hideaway Cafe


At first glance, it's hard to believe that Luke Preston has such a great voice inside that tall and scrawny frame. But this 18-year-old definitely has the soul of a musician, and a smile that will melt any girl's heart.

Preston played for a large crowd of friends and family at the cozy Hideaway Cafe last Wed., June 1, for the release of his new EP, I'll Be Home. The hour long set was full of original music; just Luke and his acoustic guitar, perfect for the atmosphere at Hideaway Cafe. The lyrics were meaningful and reminiscent of any teenager graduating high school and getting ready to go off to college. Preston's music could be compared to that of Jeff Buckley and George Strait; textural rhythms mixed with basic chords and melodies that draw in the audience. His EP was recorded at Hideaway Cafe with help from owner and producer John Kelly.

"Luke is such a great kid and a talented musician. He is so on-point for a guy his age," Kelly said.

Luke graduated from Tampa Prep this year and is preparing for his big move to Tennessee to study Music Business. "I'm really excited, but I'm also going to miss Clearwater," Luke said. One of my favorite songs he performed is actually about growing up in Clearwater. It is full of personal memories, ones that even his friends laughed at.
Moving away from your longtime hometown is always hard for everyone involved. At least he left his family and friends with an EP of great music and a night of fun memories that will last a lifetime.