April is Water Conservation Month so turn off that tap (and use these tips)!

Have you noticed it hasn’t rained in a few days? The downpours we cursed a few weeks ago are now a distant memory. So you're probably then wondering: How appropriate is it that April is water conservation month? Historically, April is the driest month in Florida, but that may change soon. It’s only a matter of time when we’ll be amending the moniker. It wont be nearly as tidy a title with press releases proclaiming "April/May are Water Conservation Months" just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Looking at the data from 2009, April registered 0.00 inches, May 0.15 inches. Now that’s a spread huh?  But wait, In 2008 May was actually drier (.58 in) than April (.84 in). So is April’s designation just one of those arbitrary honorariums like National Bird Feeding Month (February) or National Candy Month (June)?