Planned Parenthood supporters rally in Tampa

  • Harry Cohen, John Dingfelder, CJo Ford, Yolie Capin & Lisa Montelione at the Planned Parenthood Luncheon in Tampa

As the controversy continues over the decision by the Susan G. Komen For the Cure foundation to cut its support for Planned Parenthood, the Tampa Bay area's leading Planned Parenthood chapter held its annual fundraising luncheon in Tampa on Thursday and raised over $10,000 as a direct rebuke to Komen's decision.

Planned Parenthood has used the approximately $600,000 annual contribution from Komen, the world's leading breast-cancer research advocacy group, to pay for breast-screenings exam for poor women. Komen's decision to cut funding from PP has angered the pro-choice community, including some who have financially supported both groups.

Former Tampa City Councilwoman Linda Saul-Sena said she has never given that much funding to Susan G. Komen, but now says she won't give anymore. "I was profoundly disappointed. I thought it was off base," she said of the controversial decision.

The Foundation based its decision on a new rule that prohibits funding of any group under formal investigation by a government body. Ocala-area Republican Congressman Cliff Stearns has opened a federal inquiry into Planned Parenthood, saying he is trying to learn whether the group used federal funds to provide abortions.