Top 10 sexiest interviews of 2010 (NSFW)

Sure your fancy "career" in sales or finance or janitorial services may pay more than mine. You may even have such benefits as "a retirement plan" or "health insurance" or "a desk,"  but I get paid to interview the most sultry women on the planet about sex.  So, as 2010 comes to an end and you're checking how nice your fat Christmas bonus looks in your savings account via your new iPhone, I'm going through my cracked blackberry,  scrolling through pornstars' phone numbers that I can't bring myself to delete. Looking back at all the beautiful and articulate people who have tolerated my stuttering questions, awkward humor, and sexual naiveté this year with grace, I consider myself fortunate. In the spirit of giving, I've decided to share some of my favorite moments from these conversations. Below is an "illustrated" sampling of  the top ten sexiest CL interviews of 2010. While it's impossible to rank them, I've narrowed it down to ten. Check out the links below each blurb to read more of the unbelievable things that flew out of these vixens' mouths and to see more "study break" pictures of them.

Katie Summers:

Alfie: How did you discover your love of anal sex?