Kendrick Lamar performs a new song, talks video games, on Jimmy Fallon

The prolific mc drops the hair-raising "Untitled 2"

I might be off, but I think Kendrick Lamar’s the only artist who’s written an original song for a late night show performance, then never performed or released said song ever again — twice now, in fact. It happened first on The Colbert Report, when Kendrick appeared for one of the show’s last episodes to deliver the still-incredible “Untitled”, and last night on The Tonight Show when he creeped and slayed through its follow-up, “Untitled 2.”

It’s a low-key funked-out number that falls right in the line with the vibe of To Pimp a Butterfly. Much like his Colbert performance, Kendrick's low-keyness eventually boiling into a massive burst of lyrical madness, movement and instrumentation that'll make anyone with a pulse feel some type of way. Watch the whole performance — and a sit-down where K. Dot and Jimmy Fallon talk video games, rap and more — below.

Kendrick Lamar is slated to perform at the upcoming Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival in South Florida this March. Learn more about it here.