Golf tips: putting your woes away

Good putting is by far the most important element in the game of golf. Proper mechanics, combined with an individual’s particular style, will result in consistent putting and lower scores. Putting styles vary from the type of putter to a person’s stance. Depending on preference, a square stance is the most common, although an open or closed stance is acceptable. A neutral grip, basic setup and a solid stroke will yield the best results. Putting requires tremendous touch and exceptional feel.  Sound techniques will produce a repeating stroke but try to avoid being overly analytical with mechanics. Keep everything as simple as possible.

Golfers must process excessive amounts of information with every shot, especially those on or around the green. In addition to utilizing the sense of feel, our mind relies heavily on vision. When putting you must visualize your line, speed, break along with seeing the ball roll to and in the hole. Practice your putting stroke as you look at the hole not the ground as you prepare to make your stroke. The eyes and brain will eventually become programmed for a desired result. The arms and hands will follow and in time will duplicate the actions desired.