Florida Republican Committeman says early primary vote is embarrasing and bad for Florida

Republican National Commiteeman Paul Senft
  • Republican National Commiteeman Paul Senft

As everybody who regularly reads this space knows, four years ago the Florida Legislature said essentially the "hell with the rules," and opted to move their presidential primary up to the end of January, even though they were threatened with sanctioned by both political parties, with the threat of losing half or all of their delegates to the national convention if they jumped the starting gun.

The Legislature did so anyway, and it worked out pretty well for the GOP, not so great for Democrats - especially Hillary Clinton and her supporters, as the DNC stripped all of the delegates she won in that January primary, wounding her chances of catching up to Barack Obama (she won the popular vote in Florida by a 50-33 percent margin, even though it did not count).

But for the GOP, it worked out great. They only were stripped of half of their delegates, and the January 29 primary was relevant, as John McCain beat out Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani, and effectively captured the nomination that night.

So perhaps that's why House Speaker Dean Cannon, Governor Rick Scott, and other prominent Republicans don't appear to give a rat's patootie about a negative fallout by doing the same thing again, which is what party leaders indicated on Wednesday is exactly what they intend to to this Friday.

Perhaps it makes sense, though there is no doubt a whiff of arrogance, that because the state will be hosting the Republican National Convention next year here in the Sunshine State, the party will fail to stick to their tough talk when it comes to punishing the state party.