OK GO's new video for "The Writing's on the Wall" will melt your mind

OK GO release their latest visual triumph

OK Go could fart into microphones for three minutes if they kept doing it to videos as painstakingly creative as the ones they've produced over the past several years.

Whether they're dancing in sync on moving treadmills, showing off a single take of Rube Goldberg-ian ingenuity, or riding along in a pneumatic-armed, instrument-playing car, OK Go have proven themselves kings of today's "holy shit"-eliciting style of music video making.

They dropped their latest for "The Writing's on the Wall" earlier this week, and it's pretty much as awesome as we've all come to expect the band.

Featuring a series of increasingly mind-bending camera illusions shot by and starring the four band members, "The Writing's on the Wall" is a colorful feast of visual trickery that's pretty remarkable when you see it all in action.

According to Rolling Stone, the whole project took three weeks to assemble and 50 takes to finally get right. Watch it below and thank the lord you weren't a set designer on this thing.