Snoop Loops and Frosted Drakes. The 'Rappers and Cereal' blog is now available as a shirt

The Tampa-based blog parlays international attention into a tee-shirt company

Do you ever think about your favorite rapper while strolling down your neighborhood grocery's cereal aisle?

Local designer Brittany Meronek does, and she takes it a step further by photoshopping those hip-hop luminaries holding a box containing the most important meal of the day.

"Gucci Grahams," "Mackle S'mores," "2 Grainz," and "Corn Pacs," are some of the highlights, and Meronek's creations have earned her mentions from Mashable, Complex, and even Who Wants To Be A Millionaire — the show used the Tumblr blog as a question on the show earlier this year. Hell, Snoop ("Snoop Loops") and Ludacris ("Ludacrisp") even shared Meronek's creations on their social media channels, garnering hundreds of thousands of "Likes" along the way.

Now Meronek is putting a couple of of those designs on T-shirts, imploring you to wear "Jigga Jacks" or "Lucky Lamars" on your chest like the real gangsta you are. Shirts will run you $32 after shipping, and you can order them here.

In the meantime, check out a few of our favorite crunchy creations below, and the rest of the Rappers and Cereal creations on the official website.