Eat Your iPhone

Now that the 3G iPhone is up and running (sort of), you can make use of it's brand new, true GPS system to do more than just get directions and illegally track people. Why not use it to find some food?

Urbanspoon, a two year old Seattle company, has launched a free iPhone app that uses the GPS (or the triangulation system on old phones) to search for restaurants that are, theoretically, in your general vicinity. Usually this type of software is only geared towards the bigger metro areas with established dining scenes — which would likely mean that our own Bay area is out of luck — but Urbanspoon recently added Tampa/St. Pete to it's list. Awfully nice of 'ya.

No iPhone? Well, you can still log on the old fashioned way and do an actual web search on Urbanspoon's site, as well as read local reviews culled from the rags (ours included) and customer reviews riddled with shills. Web-browsing ... clunky, but it still works.