Bottom-feeding Baltimore battles back against Bay-area boys, beats Rays 11-10 in extra innings

Yeah, when the game goes into extras, I get time to have some alliterative fun. So apparently the baseball gods didn’t think I needed any sleep Tuesday night, or the beginning of Wednesday morning for that matter, as the Tampa Bay Rays and Baltimore Orioles battled for 13 innings, with Baltimore coming out the victor, 11-10. This was another one of those outings where the Rays should have easily won and instead exhausted themselves handing the game to the other team (Friday night in New York ring a bell?).

A game that was defined early on by long balls was ended by one team playing a little small ball. The first six runs of the game came off of solo shots, two by the Rays and four by the Orioles, including three on consecutive at-bats in the bottom of the second inning. The Rays’ early homers came off the bats of B.J. Upton and Matt Joyce in the third and fourth innings, respectively.