First underwater images of the BP oil spill: What BP doesn't want you to see

Images and video from the camera on the main affected area of the BP oil leak in the Gulf have recently been released showing the gushing stream of oil. An investigation by ABC News and the Center for Public Integrity shows that BP may have been hiding from the public how severe this spill really is.

ABC News reports:

Throughout the clean-up effort, BP has monitored the spill site around the clock using submarine-mounted cameras at the mouth of the spill. An official at Oceaneering International, the company that operates the submarines under a contract with BP, told ABC News he "could walk right down the hall and watch it, but I can't share it without BP's express permission."

Eric Smith, a professor at Tulane University's Energy Institute said that footage could help in making independent assessments of the scope of the spill. But it also could do public relations damage to BP. It has remained closely guarded and cannot be made public under the argument that it is "proprietary," according to Coast Guard officials who have received repeated requests to release the images. "

Read more from the investigation by ABC News here and watch the video footage below.

Photos via Treehugger.