Jitters' new songs proves why they call Danny Piechocki Dr. Fills — listen to "Big Cube" now

A new LP drops on Halloween.

Tampa duo Jitters are rewriting their story a bit on a new song, "Big Cube," which they shared on Soundcloud recently. It's two-and-a-half-minutes of intense drums.

"Not having boundaries or restrictions has always been a prominent part of our approach to music and we've been wanting to write a piece that incorporates more electronic elements for some time now."

That's the band's drummer, Danny Piechocki — aka Dr. Fills — in an email to CL yesterday. The 23-year-old drummer and his Jitters partner in crime, Nathan Corder spent the late winter on a 40-day tour the dropped them in locales across the Southwest, Northeast, South, Midwest, and even California. The touring seems to have kept them oiled up creatively, too.

"'BIG CUBE' is one of Jitters' newest releases and first to exclude our solely guitar and drum based format. This song features a string of ideas I had written on the drum set that are complimented and manipulated by the electronic works of Nathan Corder, [25]," added Piechocki. "I'm looking forward for us to continue exploring new ways to utilize these elements within our music in addition to going back to our original format and writing more material with Nathan on guitar."

What's more is that Jitters has written and recorded a new album titled Sequence Three that will be released on October 31 and is already in the beginning stages of a fourth album. Jitters has even been presented with an exciting opportunity to record at a studio in Germany once the songs are completed. The band definitely has plans to tour after the release of Sequence Three, though.

"I think it would be great to revisit a lot of those cities [on the last tour] in addition to new ones perhaps even outside the country on our next tour," said Piechocki who shared the fact that Corder recently moved to California to work on his Masters.

"Despite the fact the band is currently 'tickled by time zones' and separated by a few thousand miles, we're still progressing and going strong."

Listen to that jam below. Hear more at Bandcamp