Mitch Perry Report: Sandy upends the race

Plus: Mitch gloats about his Giants winning the World Series.

The official corridors of power in the U.S. — the federal government in Washington D.C. and Wall Street in Manhattan — will be shut down today in anticipation of Hurricane Sandy making its way up the Atlantic Coast.

Naturally, political junkies are wondering how this might affect the last full week of the presidential campaign. Maryland announced its canceling early voting today, which might hurt the Obama folks more, since they have been pushing so hard to get their supporters out early.

Early voting did start this weekend in Florida, as we reported on Saturday (Kevin Tighe has a photo essay about it, as well).

There's lots of data already in regarding the first two days of early voting, but I would certainly caution Democrats in particular not to get too excited about their supporters waiting for hours to get to the polls. That doesn't mean anything. If it did, John Kerry would have won Florida in 2004 (instead he lost it by 5 points).

Okay, now can I tell y'all how excited I am that my San Francisco Giants won the World Series last night! This is something that I never thought I'd experience in my lifetime after the heartbreak of 2002 (when the Giants blew a 3-2 advantage and a lead late into Game Six in Anaheim). But now the Giants have won two out of the past three series. Absolutely unbelievable! Boston Red Sox fans can relate — they waited for seemingly ever before they took the series in 2004, and then came back in 2007.

Okay, back to politics. Mitt Romney was in the Bay area on Saturday night, and CL contributor Michael Newberger gave us this full report.

And we're just a week and a day away from the big U.S. Senate race in Florida. Well, it's big in the sense that it's for the possible control of the Senate, but it hasn't been much of a race. A new poll over the weekend showed Connie Mack staying close to Bill Nelson, thanks in part to the millions of dollars in conservative super PACs that are fueling his candidacy.