Graphic Sexual Horror: do you like violence with your porn? (video)

It's okay to simulate extreme violence in video games, movies, and TV shows, but most Americans take offense when media makers mix graphic violence with porn.

Graphic Sexual Horror documents the rise and fall of the notorious bondage website, The site's founder, Brent Scott, is "the Michelangelo of bondage," who comes off as both an intellectual art professor and a mad genus given to rage. Scott started off depicting his twisted bondage fantasies with paint, but when money got tight he launched It soon took off as one of the first sites to trash glamor bondage where models are beautiful, polished, and smiling while being hog tied on a bed. had a dark edge of realism. It was gritty and grainy like the home videos of a serial killer.

No matter what reaction you have to his content, Scott's talent is