When the dog needs a walk (or a motel): Two great local choices for daycare and dog-walkers

What does your dog do when you travel? Or when you are out of the house for many long hours?

Our dogs have found their home away from home at Love My Dog, a boarding, day care, grooming and all-around dog hangout in St. Petersburg.

Billing itself as a dog resort, Love My Dog first caught my attention because it advertised a dog swimming pool. When we went to check it out, we found out that the pool wasn’t ready yet. Well, it was worth waiting for. Not exactly a pool, the dog “swim” area is actually a full-fledged water park that opened last fall. Dogs can splash around in two small pools, run through a series of sprinklers and spraying devices, and chase toys through the splashing water.

In addition to daytime fun for dogs, though, Love My Dog excels as a boarding facility.