Cong. 13: Vern pulls a Buddy Johnson

… and fails to pay his taxes, only in this case, it is employment taxes and not property taxes.

Congressman Vern Buchanan owes the IRS some big cash, according to the Sarasota daily and our CL blog, The 941, down there:

As reported in today’s Herald-Tribune, our local congressman, Republican Vern Buchanan, is again in hot water with the IRS.

This time, Vern has failed to pay more than $550,000 in federal employment taxes.

Buchanan’s seat has been targeted by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s Red to Blue program as it supports a candidate it calls “the incumbent,” Democrat Christine Jennings who arguably was robbed in the 2006 elections when the ballot design caused 18,000 undervotes in Sarasota County.

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