How ex-army journalist, Charlie Maib, is leading the Western invasion of erotic Japanese gravure films (pics NSFW)

Established in 2009, Studio Happy Chicken Pink's goal was to produce videos of gravure idols (bikini models who tease viewers by appearing in various states of undress) and present them in a more imaginative and visually stimulating way than other films produced by Japanese companies. Studio Happy Chicken Pink is the only gravure studio in Japan to be operated by Americans, and Charlie Maib (directing under the name HCK) is the only American to ever work as a gravure director. Happy Chicken Pink is also the first studio to introduce Japanese gravure films to American and European audiences, with some of the company's titles now being sold at Best Buy, Target, and Sears.


Alfie: How did you transition from working as a broadcast journalist in the U.S. Army to making erotic Japanese films?

Charlie Maib: The transition was a little abrupt because I started my work for the company while I was still working for the military. During my time in the Army, I