DVD/Blu-ray Review: James McTeigue's Ninja Assassin, a Wachowski Bros. production starring Korean pop sensation Rain (with video trailer)

Ninja Assassin is a Wachowski-produced movie that has amazing amounts of style, and hides any substance under the crazy amounts of blood in this fun movie. Inspired by the classic ninja movies from back in the day, the difference between those earlier flicks and this one is that Ninja Assassin looks much, much better.

The movie is about Raizo (Korean pop sensation Rain… no seriously, that’s his name), a ninja who was trained from a kid to be an assassin. After he watches as his childhood friend is killed, he realizes he can no longer be part of the group of assassins and vows to kill his old master. After meeting up with a detective (Naomie Harris), Raizo battles wave after wave of ruthless assassins that were once his brothers in an attempt to stop the ruthless killing once and for all.