What to do when he tattoos your name on his chest

The love thing isn’t working out so well. Someone I used to love with all my heart has tattooed my real name on his chest! I’m freaked the fuck out. This is what every woman wants, though right, to have a man love her so much, he’ll put her name on his body for the rest of his life? Yeah, until you break up and he either covers it up or burns it off.

I knew it was time So in my infinite wisdom of running like hell from someone who loves me, I’ve decided to drown my fears of uncertainty in a sea of swingers. Who better to relate to about my fears of love and my love of random sex than a bunch of horny swingers looking for fresh meat?

If you haven’t figured it out, I’ll be at Rebecca Ammon’s Swinger Meet & Greet on Saturday night. I have to thank her for the personal invite. She relates to my single, straight female swinger status. She thought I might be interested in meeting some swingers and checking out the lifestyle without any pressure.

I will be taking a date. She’s a tall, vivacious, brunette, that’s bi-curious and thinking she needs some sexual excitement in her life. But then hell, who doesn’t? So if you’re interested in adding some excitement to your sex life, have ever wondered what swingers really do behind closed doors, or just want to lay eyes on yours truly and my vivacious friend, then you should join us Saturday Night at Creative Loafing in Ybor City.