CD review: Parts & Labor, Constant Future

In the closing moments of “Rest,” Parts & Labor frontman Dan Friel sings, “After all these spinning clocks have come to rest/and done their best to throw us/we’re still hanging on with both our hands,” and in a way, it’s that line that perfectly sums up the feeling their latest LP – Constant Future – leaves a listener after just one spin.

From the gently rolling opening bars of “Fake Names” to the frantic last seconds of  “Neverchanger,” this Brooklyn-based three piece treat ears like some kind of aural trampoline and send the sounds of swirling, pinging synth, big drums, and even bigger vocals bouncing all around your cranial cavity.

While recording sessions for the album produced 40 songs, the band managed to trim it down to 12 that run the gamut from all out, bright, pop (“Pure Annihalation”), assaults on eardrums (“Bright White”), and full blown shout-along anthems (“Skin and Bones”).