Billy Corgan slams Pavement. But is he right?

Beware an inspired Billy Corgan, because an inspired Billy Corgan sometimes says crazy shit. It was an inspired Billy Corgan that took out a full-page newspaper ad hyping a Smashing Pumpkins reunion without half the core lineup.

Learning his band would share a bill with Pavement at a festival in Brazil, Corgan (right) was inspired to tweet about Pavement in relation to the health of alternative music.

Just found out SP is playing with Pavement in Brazil. It’s gonna be 1 of those New Orleans type funerals… I say that because they represent the death of the alternative dream, and we follow with the affirmation of life part… funny how those who pointed the big finger of ’sell out’ are the biggest offenders now…yawn. they have no love… by the way, we’ll be the band up there playing NEW songs because we have the love xx

Sure, Billy Corgan evolved into a punchline since he resurrected the Pumpkins. Is this just a leftover grudge from the early 90s, or does he have a point?