John's Pass may be a wet zone, Bubushka's opens in South Tampa, plus more Tampa Bay foodie news

So. Many. Tacos.

Notoriously dry John’s Pass Village could soon allow open container drinking The days of alcohol-related fines and citations on Madeira Beach's John's Pass Village might be a thing of the past if officials pass a proposed ordinance that would allow tourists and residents alike to stroll along the boardwalk while sipping on an alcoholic beverage of their choice.

WTSP says, Mayor John B. Hendricks is aware that people are drinking out in the open anyways, and the new "wet zone" proposal would drastically reduce the amount of tickets and citations that Madeira's police officers dish out on a daily basis.

Hendrick is confident that the family-friendly atmosphere will remain intact even after John's Pass Village allows open container drinking.

Brooklyn's Oddfellows Ice Cream Co. opened its first Florida location in South Tampa Oddfellows Ice Cream Co. says its "ice cream is like driving 31 in a 25, honking the horn the entire time. Expect to see ice cream you've never heard of on the Oddfellows menu—whacky and unexpected flavors are kind of its thing. Among the 30 different sweet and savory flavors offered are pistachio cardamom caramel, ricotta lemon sponge cake, peanut butter and jelly, olive oil, and matcha rocky road. 718 S Village Cir., Tampa. @oddfellowsnyc on Instagram
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Babushka's (Hyde Park)

901 W Platt St., Tampa Tampa

(813) 867-8999

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The South Tampa location of Babushka's Russian restaurant is now open The second location for popular Russian eatery Babushka's—which includes a vodka and caviar bar—is now open in Hyde Park. The new place—at the former home of Hyde Park's Boca—also has an entirely different look than the original Temple Terrace spot. While the East Tampa restaurant has a quaint and cozy vibe, the South Tampa space is more, well, South Tampa-y. 901 W Platt St. @babushkas.hydepark on Instagram—Stephanie Powers

Separate taco festival, taco book, come to Tampa Bay

On Saturday, March 12, the Raymond James Stadium won't be packed with Bucs fans or sports junkies—but with lovers of tequila instead. The Tampa Taco & Margarita Festival returns next year, with tons of offerings and activities.
But the only thing better than knowing all of the best taco spots in Tampa Bay is getting a good deal on food from them. The Tampa Taco Tour book will guide you to some of the best tacos in the area—whether they're from hidden gems or popular local franchises—and even help you get some grub on the low.

If you take your Taco Tour book to any participating taquerias, they'll give you three tickets for three free tacos, which you can redeem one at a time at future visits—just make sure to buy extra stuff to really support the local businesses. All tickets will be available for use from Jan. 1, 2022-Dec. 31, 2022.
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