Alan Parsons Project and ELP's Carl Palmer play Clearwater this weekend

After COVID-related hiccups, the prog-rock heroes are finally playing Tampa Bay.

click to enlarge Alan Parsons - PHOTO BY SIMON LOWERY
Photo by Simon Lowery
Alan Parsons
This Tampa Bay concert from prog-rock producer Alan Parsons has been in the books since 2020. It started as a Jon Anderson-free Yes concert, with the legendary producer opening. Then, when COVID-19 first hit, Yes canceled its tour, while Parsons decided to keep the faith, and carry on by himself with this gig at Ruth Eckerd Hall on Saturday.

Kansas violinist Robby Steinhardt and his band Stormbringer was then set to open the Clearwater show.
Needless to say, that one got axed as well. Many postponements later, Steinhardt has died, and Parsons’ latest choice for an opener is Asia drummer Carl Palmer. The sole survivor of Emerson, Lake and Palmer still has a 10-minute drum solo in him, so prepare for your jaw to fall to the floor.