He gone.

At least he left a really sweet goodbye note.

click to enlarge Tom Brady, out. - KYLE ZEDAKER/TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS
Kyle Zedaker/Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Tom Brady, out.
He’s really gone.

Over the weekend, I thought maybe there was a chance the GOAT would be back.

I mean, it seemed like the perfect Brady situation; playing a whole season just to spite people who jumped the gun on announcing his retirement.

But alas, this time it’s official. Brady posted on his Instagram and Twitter this morning detailing his retirement and thanking a bunch of people in Tampa (and no one in New England, interestingly enough).

So while it’s certainly a bummer that the Bucs are going to suck again for a while, it was actually an incredibly sweet note that Brady (or his PR person) wrote for the Tampa Bay area.

He went all out with thanking the fans in Tampa, the members of the Bucs staff, Bruce Arians, the owners of the Bucs, and many other people.

As usual with the GOAT, he handled the situation with class and dignity, leaving the public wondering how the NFL is going to look moving forward without him.

Hell, Brady even shouted out St. Petersburg and, as I mentioned before, didn’t mention New England at all. Take that snow birds.

Now the Bucs have to deal with reality. And the reality of their situation is dim.

Tampa Bay has to replace or resign 10 starters, and the cap situation sucks.

All we can do is look back on the past couple years with content and appreciation. Because the Bucs might not get back there for a long time.

Thank goodness the Rays and Lightning are still good.

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