He back.

Tom Brady, who retired for 40 days, is coming back to Tampa Bay.

click to enlarge Tom Brady is back. - KYLE ZEDAKER/TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS
Kyle Zedaker/Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Tom Brady is back.
Can he get an encore (do you want more)? Should we allow him to reintroduce himself?

The GOAT seemed to think 40 days of retirement was enough, as he took to Twitter today to announce his return for his third season as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer and (23rd in total for his career). Tom Brady’s reasoning: “unfinished business.”

If you want to look at that video with Ronaldo he posted last night where the soccer mega star asked if TB12 truly was done with the game, and Brady seemed to give a shrug as evidence of Brady’s indecision about retirement, go ahead.

It doesn’t matter. Brady’s back.
This opens up so many doors, it’s ridiculous. This might prompt the Bucs to continue the practice of voidable years, pushing their salary cap troubles even more into the future.

This might cause veterans that were assumed to be gone like Gronk, center Ryan Jensen, edge rusher Jason Pierre-Paul, corner Carlton Davis III and running backs Leonard Fournette and Gio Bernard to agree to one more year to team up with the GOAT for one last run.

Brady’s return might even open portals Bucs fans never thought were possible. Would other talented veterans looking for a ring agree to sign with the Bucs to fill out their roster?

Man. What a development. From the thought of having to watch Kyle Trask struggle through a season with an average roster around him to Super Bowl contenders again, all within 40 days, all because one man decided he wasn’t done shitting on the NFL.


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