Plant City's Keel Farms joins global effort to brew limited-edition beer in support of Ukraine

'Resolve' will be available today, tomorrow and next Saturday, April 16 during Tampa Bay Blueberry Festival.

click to enlarge PHOTO VIA KEEL FARMS
Photo via Keel Farms

Plant City’s Keel Farms will release a limited-edition beer in support of Ukrainians who've been under attack from Russian forces since late February.

Resolve beer will be available tomorrow, Sunday and next Saturday, April 16 during Keel Farms’ Tampa Bay Blueberry Festival.

Resolve was created as part of “an open-source collaboration beer to recognize the determination of the Ukrainian people and to aid the humanitarian effort,” according to its website.

The proceeds will go towards  two nonprofits supporting the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine through direct aid—the Global Empowerment Mission (GEM), an institution that provides grassroots efforts for the most vulnerable populations affected by disasters around the world, and World Central Kitchen (WCK), an organization that provides meals in response to humanitarian, climate and community crises by building resilient food systems with locally led solutions.

According to Axios, the situation in Ukraine hit close to home for 42 North Brewing CompanyResolve's founding brewerysince its friend and fellow brewer, Naz Drebot, owns his own brewery in Kyiv, 2085 Brewery.

Currently, Drebot remains in Ukraine with the resolve of millions of his countrymen with hopes that contributions, like Resolve and other charities, will help the resistance efforts in the country.

Clay Keel, owner of Keel Farms and also Drebot's fellow friend and brewer, joined in the cause to show his support.

click to enlarge Clay Keel (left) and Naz Drebot. - PHOTO VIA KEEL FARMS
Photo via Keel Farms
Clay Keel (left) and Naz Drebot.

"All Naz ever wanted was to start a brewery in his home country of Ukraine," Keel said in a release. "It was his dream finally realized, and then it was taken away along with the freedom, safety and livelihood of so many Ukrainians.”

“We're all brewing Resolve to give Naz a ray of hope during this tragic invasion, and to offer humanitarian support to his fellow Ukrainian people."

Keel Farms is one of 24 breweries around the world to create a special batch of Resolve, including breweries from Poland, Ireland, England and Germany.

The initiative encourages brewers to use one of 42 North's two recipes—an India Pale Kellerbier and a Kellerbier—and add their own twist. Labels featuring a sunflower, the national flower of Ukraine, are available to download and edit depending on the ingredients used.

In a release, Drebot said that despite the current situation, he plans on expanding and exporting his products to the U.S. after the war.

“We are 2085," Drebot added, referencing his Ukrainian brewery's name, "we’re definitely going to exist in 2085."