Fast Preacher brings funky psych-rock for Tampa show on Friday

Katara opens for the former Fat Night frontman.

click to enlarge Fast Preacher - PHOTO VIA FAST PREACHER/BANDCAMP
Photo via Fast Preacher/Bandcamp
Fast Preacher
Longtime fans of Florida funk probably remember Fat Night, led by Daniel Hanson, who plays Shuffle in Tampa Heights on Friday, May 13.

The songwriter and guitarist relocated to the Windy City and since 2012 has been working on a solo project, Fast Preacher, where he’s found a home for sounds that never quite fit into the pants Fat Night wore.

In 2014, a revolving cast of friends and collaborators joined Hanson on tape for songs that run the gamut from Chicago-esque classic-rock to psychedelic jams, blues and most-recently an ultra-potent brand of soulful rock and roll best exemplified on a 2020 EP (Figure It Out), which we hope gets visited often at this one.UPDATED 05/11/22 Updated because this show is not free.