Country songwriter Lauren Morrow leads bill for Saturday's 'End of the World Music Festival' in Tampa

The show is curated by local Americana favorite Have Gun, Will Travel.

click to enlarge Lauren Morrow - Photo by Jacqueline Justice
Photo by Jacqueline Justice
Lauren Morrow
The irony of Saturday's End of the World Music Festival taking two years off as the world almost literally burned away is not lost on us, but we’re glad to see the shindig return and make its way back to Tampa's Skipper’s Smokehouse, which had its own post-corona resurrection last summer.

The gig kicks off at 5 p.m. and features close friends and acquaintances of Have Gun, Will Travel—one of Tampa’s most revered Americana bands—plus newer songwriters still making their way.
Most notable is Whiskey Gentry frontwoman Lauren Morrow who’s been performing under her own name lately in support of a classic country sound with lyrics that can turn from tender like a kiss on the cheek to a straight gonad kick in a dime.