Tony’s Ybor Restaurant, the iconic third-generation eatery, will close next month

Owner Larry Scaglione—grandson of the original owner—will still run his local catering business.

click to enlarge Larry Scaglione, the third-generation owner of Tony's Ybor Restaurant. - Tony's Ybor Restaurant / Facebook
Tony's Ybor Restaurant / Facebook
Larry Scaglione, the third-generation owner of Tony's Ybor Restaurant.
A sad day for OG Tampeños is nigh.

Friday, September 2 will mark Tony’s Ybor Restaurant's last day open, ending its three generation-long run in historic Ybor City.

Paul Guzzo broke the news of the Ybor City eatery’s closure earlier this week, when its third-generation owner Larry Scaglione told the Tampa Bay Times that it's simply just the right time to close his restaurant.

Although the restaurant itself will close next month, 60 year-old Scaglione will continue dishing out his hearty Italian meals through his catering business, that shares the same name as his soon-to-close eatery.

The quaint black and beige Ybor restaurant at 2001 N 22nd St. has been dishing out stacked plates of pasta and Cuban sandwiches for the greater part of a century. The cafeteria-style restaurant boasts a unique fusion of Italian, Spanish and American cuisine, aiming to bring the “Italian traditions of the old country right to the people of Tampa Bay.”

According to the restaurant’s website, the eatery has feen family owned and operated since 1929. Large portraits of its previous owners—Tony Scaglione and his father Nunzio Scaglione—still grace the walls of the quaint restaurant. In 1967, Tony purchased the Ybor City eatery from his father for $1 and soon after changed its name from Americus Restaurant to his own namesake, due to his larger-than-life personality.

“If you’re sick of processed food, long lines, and unpleasant counter service, come on by the restaurant and experience the warm Italian hospitality in a diner atmosphere. Where the food is always fresh and everybody’s in a good mood,” the restaurant's website reads.

Although its menu rotates often, some staples on Tony’s menu include baked Italian chicken, pasta with crab sauce, steak Milanesa, fried fish, chicken fricassee and picadillo.

And although the brick and mortar will be sorely missed by generations of Tampeños alike, its catering business will continue as normal, as TBT explains. Tony’s Ybor Restaurant can cater parties as small as a 12 and as large as 500. From lavish weddings to casual backyard BBQs, Larry Scaglione can provide the perfect Italian eats for any event.

Folks interested in his catering services can call 813-247-7283 or ask in-person before the restaurant closes.

Customers of Tony’s Ybor Restaurant have a little under a month to head to 2001 N 22nd St. for one last taste of its beloved chicken alfredo and baked ziti. After September 2, its doors will remain closed until Scaglione finds a tenant to rent the space for their own concept.