Xtreme Tacos and 7venth Sun Brewery host a ‘stoner burrito’ eating contest next week

The first person to finish their massive burrito will be crowned champion.

click to enlarge Xtreme Tacos and 7venth Sun Brewery host a ‘stoner burrito’ eating contest next week
Xtreme Tacos / Facebook
Put your munchie cravings to the test at this 4/20-themed eating contest.

Xtreme Tacos and 7venth Sun Brewery are teaming up for their annual stoner burrito eating contest—taking place on Thursday, April 20 (duh)—where the businesses will crown a new munchie champion.

Whoever finishes the massive, 18 inch-long burrito first will receive a $250 gift card to Tampa’s Xtreme Tacos, a four-pack of 7venth Sun beer, and ultimate bragging rights.

To enter yourself into the contest, simply DM Xtreme Tacos on Facebook or give the restaurant a call and pay for your burrito ahead of time to secure your spot. Stoner burritos cost $21.99 each and must be paid for by April 19.

This eating contest is vegan-friendly, too, since you can order a burrito stuffed with mushrooms, fried sriracha cauliflower, barbacoa-stytle seitan, potatoes or black beans.

And even if you don’t see yourself as the stoner burrito-eating champion, then you can still hang out at 7venth Sun’s 4/20 party, which starts at 4:20 p.m.  sharp. Other party festivities include a Mary Jane-themed movie marathon and the release of its exclusive "Pineapple Xpress," a new pineapple and jalapeño sour.

After the contest—which starts at 7:30 p.m.—Xtreme Tacos will be slinging their Mexican-American eats, which include dishes like loaded street tacos, burritos, quesadillas and bowls.

For more information, head to Xtreme Tacos’ Facebook page.