Diners & Restaurants Love This New Cashback Rewards Program

As seen on Bay News 9, Dinefits is a cutting-edge cashback rewards program serving the Greater Tampa Bay area! This service pays diners to eat out and gets restaurants the foot traffic they desire.

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Wondering how to get started? Earn cashback rewards using a credit card of your choosing. Simply:
- Create an account
- Link your card
- Dine at your favorite participating restaurant

This discreet cost-saving service is excellent for maintaining privacy. Your linked credit card serves as your coupon at checkout. Therefore, no one needs to know, not even the server.

Rest assured, Dinefits will never charge a diner’s card. The linked credit card is only used to automate the cashback rewards system. Transactions are processed via an accredited PCI-compliant third party.

Plus, downtown St. Pete’s most popular eateries are on Dinefits, such as The Oyster Bar, The Twisted Indian, Ferg’s Bar & Grill, Tryst Gastro Lounge, Mammamia Gelato— more restaurants are being added all the time!

Last but certainly not least, you can earn up to 20% or more in cashback, and all rewards are visible under your Dinefits diner dashboard. Furthermore, don’t forget to sign up for notifications because flash offers provide the highest cashback rewards. Also, membership is free!

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Dinefits empowers restaurateurs to create demand during the times they need most. Simply:
- Create your free business account
- Set your cashback reward schedule
- Watch your empty tables fill up!

Plus, it’s 100% free to join! You only pay when a customer uses their linked card at check out. You control the volume with the cashback schedule.

We know how important timing is for a restaurant to remain successful. We also understand that slow times and days are often out of a restaurant’s control. Anything from inclement weather to sporting events can halt or divert patrons.

Dinefits fill tables when you need them most. Plus, there is no slowdown at the point of sale. That’s right, no barcodes, vouchers, or coupons are necessary.

You’re in control. You create pre-determined weekly offers and flash offers for unexpected slow times.

Reducing dead times and increasing foot traffic means more tips for the crew. Steadier foot traffic and income are great for morale AND the bottom line.

Dinefits requires no additional POS devices and minimal training. The cashback process is automated behind the scenes via the customer's linked credit card. POS remains unchanged for your staff!

Lastly, it will strengthen your digital footprint. Dinefits serves as an advertising platform for participating restaurants. You’ll receive increased exposure via the Dinefits website and social media platforms. Assuredly, magnifying your online presence is an excellent way to drive traffic to your restaurant.

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Unfortunately, slow hours mean fewer tips. Dinefits team members have experience in the restaurant industry, so we know just how important tips are. With Dinefits, increased foot traffic means more tips! Plus, diners are inclined to tip more when they save on their meal.

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Dining in The Greater Tampa Bay Area

The greater Tampa Bay area is loved for its vibrant dining scene and exuberant nightlife.

Dinefits’ goal is to empower local restaurateurs. This tool essentially matches local and visiting foodies with dining experiences they’ll love!

Searching for the best dining experiences in the Greater Tampa Bay area? Look no further than Dinefits!

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