Best Of 2014

Best of the Bay 2014

Opinions are like… well, you know. But in Creative Loafing’s annual guide to the Best of the Bay, we celebrate that fact. Our writers and editors share their variously ecstatic, indignant and ironic opinions of everything from new restaurants to new political outrages, from tiny shops to towering achievements. And our readers share their views of what’s best and worst in our annual Readers’ Poll.

You can read both critics’ and readers’ picks for 2014 by clicking on the categories below. And if your reaction to the critics’ picks is, “Who do these people think they are?” — well, here’s a list of everyone who contributed: Aaron Alper, Mario Baez, Victoria Casal-Data, Jon Palmer Claridge, Daniel Cura, Amy Daire, Zebrina Edgerton-Maloy, Julie Garisto, Scott Harrell, Meaghan Habuda, Leslie Joy Ickowitz, Mark E. Leib, David Z. Morris, Meredith Myers, Danny Olda, Mitch Perry, Leilani Polk, Ray Roa, Linda Saul-Sena, Megan Voeller and David Warner. (The list doesn’t include the names of the many thousands of you who voted in the Readers’ Poll — but you know who you are.)

PS: In the print edition and e-dition of this year’s BOTB, we excerpted the personal “Best” lists of local notables we interviewed for our new publication, Ask the Locals. Read the interviews in their entirety at

Check out the amazing (and very delicious!) awards party here.