'Charlie Brown over here': Twitter roasts Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' awkward photo with Joe Biden

It would appear that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis β€” one of the most prominent Republican voices not named Donald and heir apparent to the GOP's presidential nomination β€” needs a bit of media training.

For the second time this week, DeSantis has been caught off guard by an awkward photo op. His foray into new boot goofin' reverberated around the internet after he made the unwise decision to pair campaign merch, ill-fitting jeans and pristine shrimp boots while stopping off in Southwest Florida.  We thought he couldn't top such a bad look. We were wrong.

Ron got caught in a real-life version of the famous Virgin vs. Chad meme, slouching along in the foreground as Joe Biden gamely chatted up one Floridian with his arm around another. DeSantis' Charlie Brown-esque sulk is in stark opposition to his smiling majorette stomp from earlier in the week and the whole scene is underlined by the addition of the Florida Man's cracker shirt, helpfully identifying the person having a laugh with the prez as a true-blue Floridian.

As you might expect, the internet had a few things to say about this incredible shot. Check out a few of our favorites below.

This article was first published at Orlando Weekly.
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