AltDotPop: K-Fed is a daddy again, Adam Lambert is kicked out by Lady Gaga, Charlie Sheen loses then wins, Disney starlet denies cocaine use and more...

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Newlywed Katy Perry is already rumored to be cheating on Russell Brand. This is why beautiful people should stay single. Their sexiness cannot be contained in a monogamous relationship, or something.

[image-1]I have always been on Team Glambert. I don't actually vote for American Idol as I feel that it's a waste of my time and text messages (which were still limited by a crappy phone plan that season) but if I did vote, Adam Lambert would have had me texting my fingers off, so I say this with a little bit of pain in my chest... Adam was kicked out of Lady Gaga's birthday party for being too disorderly. How does one get kicked out of a party in honor of a woman who basked in blood on the VMA stage? Adam, I am disappointed in you. *Shakes head, hangs it in shame*

Charlie Sheen bombed in Detroit and yet came back to rave reviews in Chicago. One attendee even told the AP, "The show was 'weird,' but 'at least no one was booing.'" That, folks, is a review. Well done, Charlie, you are going to have so much money for blow and hookers when this charade comes to a close.

Disney star Chelsea Kane responds to speculation that it is she in the infamous cocaine video released to by saying, "that bums me out hard core..." Totally, it would bum me out hard core too if people thought I was a cokehead with a video on the internet. Life is hard, does anyone have some pot? That's ok, right?

Patrick Dempsey is going "grey." Get it?? Lolz all around. *Drops mic, exits stage left*

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Teresa Giudice was involved in a bar fight in the Dominican Republic recently. She was punched in the face, but due to the amount of botox it's debatable whether any damage would be noticeable.

I, like, often ask myself, "Can Jaden and Will Smith Save M. Night Shyamalan's Career?" My answer is always no, but then again, I also kinda liked The Village so why would anyone listen to me?

Kevin Federline is a Teen Mom wannabe's dream come true. His sperm is unstoppable, as he welcomes a fifth child into the world. This is why all the other countries make fun of us.

Michael Buble married the super adorable Luisana Loreley this weekend. I guess he has met her and that whole song is a fraud. Can we please stop playing it on the radio now? Please?

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