American Idol top 16 recap: The sweet sixteen... kinda more like semi-sweet

Katelyn Epperly of the Three Blondes I mentioned last week, is starting to lose my interest. It feels soooo wedding singer. I was waiting for her to follow it up with "Love Shack" while she bangs away at a tambourine... was that just the keyboard that made me feel that way? She gets bonus points for a snazzy necklace.

Didi, who I totally do not think actually existed til this week (though that seeeems unlikely), was the standout for me amongst the ladies. I am literally in awe of her rendition of "Rhiannon." It was chilling and beautiful.


Paige Miles can join Katie Stevens in WTHISH-land. Seriously?! Go away, your song was called "Smile" and you are just making me throw things at my television, I am not smiling.

I really want to dislike the barefoot hippy. I really don't like Tracy Chapman. WHY DO I LIKE CRYSTAL "DREADLOX" BOWERSOX?! I need more caps to fully convey how upset I am about this. On an unrelated note, does anyone want to go to Bonaroo with me this year? I have the sudden urge to smoke something illegal and sway to some groovy tunes. Who am I????

Finally, the last blonde of the night, Lilly Scott, sang one of those songs that makes me think of a cheesy horror movie I saw in high school. I am automatically creeped out by this and spent her entire performance trying to figure out what this movie could be.* I think she did ok, I like her and her hair is amazing and she has adorable dresses....sooooooo, two thumbs up!

[image-2]Boys Night!!!!

Lee Dewyze is winning my heart over and over again. Did he know that I love Owl City?! I think so. And that shirt and an acoustic guitar. I'm crushin'.

Alex Lambert and his starter To be honest I was looking down when he started serenading my television with "Trouble" and I had NO IDEA this was that sweet little country boy who I thought I hated. Nicely done, Alex, I still think you should get a new last name.

I am beginning to think that the producers of American Idol have very literally gone into my iTunes library, picked out some of my most-played songs and told the boys to sing them. Hallelujah? Really Tim Urban? Again, I'm crushin'.

Ok, maybe they didn't actually go through my iTunes, because "Genie in the Bottle" is not on my most played, but I do think that Andrew Garcia was pretty damn awesome. I just want him to continue covering female pop singers 24-7, that is all he is allowed to do. What should he call the album? Leave suggestions in the comments.


I don't want to be all  like "accusatory" or anything, buuuuut I think the boys are taking performance-enhancing drugs. Casey James may or may not have made me misty-eyed. Damn you, Sawyer-twin, damn you and your sad songs.

If the other boys are roiding up, Aaron Kelly has chosen to abstain. Bad choice, Aaron, you need the help...that was painful dude. The judges (except Kara) are wrong, I cannot stand this kid.

Todrick Hall, I have some things to say to you. One, your jacket seems to be fuzzing. Two, are those gloves necessary? Three, I am ok with you and somehow, ok with you covering Queen and making it a gospel song...which is weird.

St. Pete local Michael Lynche got down to business with some slow jamz this week. Should I know this song? I do not and I do not care because it doesn't matter, Michael Lynche is effing amazing. You go on with your bad self Michael! AND he made Kara, bonus points.

So who's going home?

For the Ladies: If there is a God, Katie Stevens and Paige Miles will be leaving the squad of girlies. Please, make the right choice America, please.

For the Boys: My pick is that little tworp, Aaron Kelly, but America probably likes him...ugh. If I HAVE to pick another one, I think it will be Andrew Garcia, even though I really really want to hear him cover Tiffany next week.

Front Runners?

This is a week of comebacks and I heart a good comeback. Didi and Tim are coming up from behind, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, or something...they totally have my heart. And Michael Lynche is the next American Idol, duh.


Who's not making it into the Top 12?

Katelyn Epperly... WHAT??????

Todrick Hall... ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME?????

Alex Lambert... I will miss your starter mullet lil guy. Keep on rocking that ice cream social in the back.

Lilly Scott... THAT. IS. IT. I am done with you America Idol, you hear me. DONE.


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*After some extensive googling, I have found out that this movie is Phantoms. So yeah, now you know.

This week on American Idol, some people sang and some of them were even like... good.

Ladies night!!!!

Tuesday the girls continued their journey of underwhelmingness with the opening act, the "why the hell is she here?" star of the season, Katie Stevens. She's like 12 years old, her pants looked dumb and she butchered a Kelly Clarkson song, which is the worst thing one can possibly do on the Idol stage.

Breakout quirkster, Siobhan (someone please help me learn how to pronounce her name) Magnus, sang a song I am not super-familiar with but she killed it. For real, chick is awkward, chick can siiiiing.

I cannot get behind this Lacey girl and I am not sure what it is about her. Is is the eyes that look a little too light for them to be human? Is it the asymmetrical hairdo? Ugh, I just don't know but I guess her voice is ok, whatever.

After the jump, more recapping of the girls and I added in the boys, who are winning me over like whoa...

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