Ask Dream Momma: dreaming of a huge black bug

“Dream Momma, I dreamt that I was inside my old house and I was on the first floor with my mom. We were going in the kitchen together  and all of a sudden I see this huge black creepy-crawly bug on the floor. I jump on a chair and scream for my mom to kill it (I can never kill bugs in real life either). My mom knows its there but for some reason she doesn’t try to kill it. So basically the bug is scurrying around everywhere, on countertops and tables, and even crawling all over me!! Then I wakeup...I've also had other dreams about black creepy-crawlies lately, but this is the one I remember the best.”

Famous and controversial Jungian James Hillman once wrote an interesting paper on bug dreams. He titled it, “What’s Bugging You?”  Dream Momma wants to ask you that too dear Dreamer; what IS bugging you?

Understanding that all dream symbols are well, symbolic and not real, what does the huge, black, crawling everywhere bug symbolize to you? Or put another way, what thoughts, ideas, memories are invading your psychological house that you need to pay attention to?  To kill. Ones that may be connected to your mom and/or your relationship to her.

Dream Momma also wonders how you can be a better mother to yourself than perhaps your real mom was. How to pay attention to yourself, including this dream. Whatever’s bugging you Dreamer, it’s time for you to screw up your mom courage and drag that nasty little sucker into the light (the truth) and deal with it. It won’t take much, the light, like the water on the Wicked Witch of the West, will kill it dead.  You deserve a free-from-fear future.

Dream Momma

Watch for “The Dream belongs to the Dreamer,” Fall, 2011.

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