Ask Dream Momma: White seagulls symbolically transform

“Dear Dream Momma, I look to the sky and see five white seagulls flying overhead. At first they are shiny black silhouettes, but then they change into a beautiful array of rainbow colors. As each bird becomes a solid hue like red, orange and purple, they also turn into kites, all the while retaining their shape. In the dream I am awestruck and cannot take my eyes off of them. Suddenly they merge and produce a brilliant white light that blinds my eyes. Then I wake up.”

Dream Momma loves these archetypal and deeply spiritual dreams and believes this dreamer is blessed to have an interior world sending such impressive images to the conscious level. Hmmm. She needs a moment.

She’s back. The number five is most often found in organic form and of course the five pointed star is highly symbolic…but, in this dream, Dream Momma believes it is about the Five Acts. That is, desire, faith, humility, hope, and love. It is Dream Momma’s belief that this dreamer had a true spiritual conversion on the deepest level and this dream is communicating that to him/her. The colors are spiritual values and the brilliant white light (the merging of all color) is the significant moment of integration.

Moments are significant. More important than most people realize. Cartier Bresson speaks of “the decisive moment” (when you click the camera to capture the winning image). There is “the moment of conception” that is often referred to in procreation. Let us not blow off the million “moments” in history that are too numerous to even comprehend before your morning cup of Joe. Then there is the truly “Ah-ha moment” we all have experienced (for better or for worse, i.e. he really doesn’t love me. Sigh.). More importantly, Carl Jung wrote about something called the transcendent function and the moment it comes alive to integrate knowledge with feelings. The only difference between that moment and the Ah-ha moment is it cannot be captured by words. It is too powerful. Dream Momma believes that this dream expresses the transcendent function in all its glorious power. Lucky dreamer.

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