Bill's Sports Binge: Rays snatch defeat, Storm streak complete and John Daly ... what an athlete

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For those of you who had better things to do on Saturday (What's it like to have a social life? Is it awesome? It sounds awesome.), the Storm snapped their eight-game winning streak losing to the Sharks 49-47 up in the asshole of Florida; Jacksonville. The winning streak began after losing to the same bastards on May 7th, 46-43 at home. Two games remain before the playoffs, both at The Forum. This Saturday against Alabama, then the War on I4 the following Saturday against the Predators of soulless Orlando. Now get out there and support the home team. I hear you can take a family of four to a Storm game for 53 cents.

[image-1]Quicker Hits: Swarm of bees invade Florida Marlins game, no one was stung (see "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to hear it"), South Africa's Louis Oosthuizen crushed the field (and my spell check) winning the British Open at the Old Course by seven strokes (John Daly took the trophy for both chain-smoking and most hideously ridiculous pants, aka. There's a party in his pants and everyone is throwing up), and despite everything, the Yankees still suck. True story.

Rays would-a, could-a, should-a. Didn't

"It's one game in July ... I don't really get worked up over this one loss," was the post-game quote from Joe Maddon that, granted, is somewhat the big-picture mindset a manager needs to have, but still it managed to bunch up my Superman undies.

We know it's one game in July, Joe. But it was one division game that meant a division series against the division leaders who just happen to be the defending World freaking Champions. And you lost. They didn't beat you. You beat yourselves. Again. This game was yours. You had it. Pettitte left in the 3rd inning with a sore groin. In the end we all had one. Twelve runners stranded. Twelve. Gabe Kapler in for Carl Crawford (wha?).

You're not going to be able to say there's plenty of games left forever. This is where the cream rises and the leaders emerge or fade away. Especially in the AL East. Tonight's game is in Baltimore against the worst team in baseball. This one sounds a little more like one game in July, skipper. Maybe Crawford could have rested tonight instead. I know I will. What else is on? The Bachelorette? Sigh ... GO RAYS!

Tampa Bay Storm comes full circle in Jax

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