Bill's Sports Binge: Use your head not your helmet, partying punters and a Peruvian putz

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I thought spearing was always illegal. I remember those calls when I was in Pop Warner. Translated quite literally, if you're caught using your body as a spear it's a penalty. Case closed. It was never okay, so none of this is new. The NFL is simply considering enforcing a rule already in the books before some poor bastard gets carted off in a hearse. But it doesn't stop the sarcasm both from ignorant Bucs players and fat phony-tough fans alike.

"Well then, tell running backs not to run so hard."

-DT Stylz G. White

"I don't know what else (defensive players) can do in all honesty."

-LB Barrett Ruud

"You can't take that away from the game because that's what makes the game."

-Safety Sabby Piscitelli

Translation: We can't tackle unless it's illegal

First off, from what I've seen Buccaneer defensive players need not worry their pretty little heads about violent tackling. Styles, they've already run past the line of scrimmage. Barrett, you dragged them down by the waist after a 15 yard gain. Sabby, he's behind you! Never mind, touchdown.

I love hits. Don't like'em. LOVE'em. I love it when players get knocked koo-koo. When a quarterback walks woozily back to the sideline after a blindside de-cleater, I always giggle to my buddy, "He thinks he's Batman."

But these players are acting like there's no such thing as a highlight bone-jarring hit that isn't helmet-to-helmet. What a load of cowardly crap.

One blogger said it's the further pussification of America. First, no dodgeball, next no keeping score and now this. Sorry, pal. Nobody got paralyzed in dodgeball and no kid went to an early grave because the other little league team ran up the score. Wrong argument.

Kenyatta Walker was a first round draft bust offensive lineman in 2001. All he did was cheat by holding defenders and making their head look like a bowling ball. If you had a hole in your face, he'd put a finger in it. Know why? He couldn't block. And one day after enough penalties were called against him he was cut and never heard from again.

Long story short boys, learn how to tackle or get out of the league.

Quicker Hits: Texas and New York are at it again for the pennant and the smart money when these two states match up leans towards Texas. Spurs took the Knicks in the 1999 NBA Finals, Stars took the Sabres in 1999 Stanley Cup Finals, Cowboys took the Bills in 1992 and 1993 in the Super Bowl (What does it all mean? Nothing, except I hate the Yankees); Indianapolis Colts punter (they have a punter?) Pat McAfee was arrested for public intoxication after diving into a random woman's car wasted, shirtless and wet (Colts coach Jim Caldwell is scheduled to meet with McAfee right after he looks him up on Wiki); A Peruvian soccer coach spiked a rivals' energy drinks with sedatives sending half of the players face-down to the turf during a game. And we care what the rest of the world thinks of us why?

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