Found on Etsy: altered dinnerware

Another artist making use of dinnerware as a canvas for his original work is James Ward of Jimboart. James draws his anthropomorphic characters in pen and ink and often comes up with new fellows for us to enjoy every couple of weeks. All illustrations are hand drawn as well, not printed or transferred, which I find quite impressive. Jimboart is also the only shop featured today to give us mugs, teapots, and cake stands as well. Clearly he wants to be invited to the party. This Etsy user offers up lots of scantily clad four legged pals, cakes and sandwiches, and a sneaky bow-tied raccoon snagging some macaroons. My personal faves are the mugs. They stack, they come together to create one image, and they can (very cutely) hold my chai in the morning. All wins.


This last shop, Wannabes, is a bit more art and bit less functionality. While the Oklahoma artist does state the plates can indeed be eaten off of, the images may make you think twice about using it to consume your aunt's signature spaghetti. If creepy is your thing, Wannabes might be right up your alley. Grabbing the images for the altering from found snapshots of taxidermy animals, and combining them with scanned Barbie clothes, this shop "addresses our urge to create lives and stories for animals that represent our own desires." As a kid, I had a ridiculous amount of stuffed animals (all with full names and personalities of course) who were in very serious relationships with one another. So me, I get this concept. Choosing just one image was not the easiest, but I believe I'll spare you the mummified animals and give you this darling monkey caught in a swift breeze.


I warned you I'd be posting a lot of animals, did I not? Ciao!

All right, Pottery Barn, Ikea, the BB & B — you're all swell, but dears, you bore me.

Readers, if you're on the hunt for new dinnerware, skip past the large chains and embrace your Etsy bookmark (seriously, it's gotta be bookmarked by now). While handmade pottery has been around for ages and ages and is definitely nothing to be ignored, the new hot thing in functional art is altered vintage dinnerware. Etsy is jam-packed with people redesigning old plates, bowls, and mugs both for functionality and just for the art of it. No need to use your search feature, here are four fab shops to check out.

First up is Beatupcreations. Angela recycles "abused, tossed aside, broken" items, turning them into new fantastic creations that absolutely burst with fresh life. With 10 pages of loveliness to browse through, there is certainly something for everyone in this shop. From celebrity plates (the Pee-Wee Herman plate is a personal favorite), to adorably bizarre animal/human hybrids, to zombie wedding portraits, this shop does not lack variety.Beatupcreations also sells very reasonably priced prints and stationery of lots of their images. And please(!) check out the excellent SALE section as well. You can get your very own Mr. T for 25 bucks for chrissakes.

(as always, an image click will bring you to the appropriate shop)

I am in love with Thestorybookrabbit. It's the kind of love that starts that look from across the bar then keeps you coming back for more possibly only because, well let's face it, the kid is just too darned cute for her own good. That is how I feel for this artist out of Sydney. Drawing her inspiration from her bunny Juno, Kelly of Thestorybookrabbit, creates fantastic little whimsical plates using transfers of her own drawings and adding bits of hand drawn detail and lettering. Her drawings are delicate and honest, instantly making you feel as if you have on the warmest, softest socks around (remember that love I mentioned?). This shop has lots to give, as her artwork is also offered up in jewelry form.

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