From Twilight to True Blood: What is it about Vampires that makes ladies' hearts pound?


Even in the real world that’s the man a large quadrant of ladies fantasize over, immortal or otherwise: the bad boy. At least Twilight's Cullen and True Blood's William Compton are also quite the gentlemen.  Perhaps he lived through Jane Austen's era after taking the Bennet sister's blood?  But could you imagine an “average” vampiric heartthrob?  Perhaps played on film by the guy from Napoleon Dynamite?  “I want to suck your blood…..and your tater tots, gosh!”  I don’t image that would stir up too much excitement.

I think it all comes back to fantasy.  Women are turned on and get hot and bothered by what they can’t have, but even more so what they shouldn't have.  Married women with “nice” husbands are always going to look for the moody artist who can write them a lyrical masterpiece. The rebel girls want the punk kid only bound to add more drama to their lives.  And in the world of fiction female readers will seek out the handsome vampire, who’s desires are both romantic and life threatening.  Thinking of that it really surprises me that Zombie Romance Fiction hasn't taken off yet.  Oh wait, never mind.  Most women think their men are brainless sloth as it is.

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What is it about immortal blood sucking broodaholics that makes women swoon?  Is it the danger?  Is it the biting?  Because trust me girls, I can nibble your neck and I’ve been known to walk fast with a pair of scissors in my hand.  Or perhaps it’s something unattainable to us, the meek mortal man.

Vampire stories such as Twilight and True Blood are currently the hottest things on the market from books, to film/TV and even sex toys.  What gives?  The thought of having my blood removed from the warmth of my veins does not get me wild in the pants.  But the ladies, the ladies do love their undead bad boys.  They want to be taken to the edge and peer over the side.  It drives their juices and makes their heart feel a new sense of life.  The thought that you could be laying with your lover and in the throes of passion and he could take your life must be a mighty intoxicant.  But give me a shot of tequila over a chalice of blood any day.

Edward Cullen does have quite a few more desirable qualities than say Count Dracula.  For one he doesn’t consistently look like he’s heading to the opera.  He’s a moody, anti-social, and more Abercrombie than Hot Topic.  And you'd being lying if you couldn't admit those eyes are DREAMY.

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