Gossip Girl recap: drugs, friends with benefits, and a found lost boy

Jenny's attention whore stunt of "accidentally" dropping all the prescription pills she and Damien were hiding to sell just to see what her dad would do. Seriously Jenny are you that needy? Of course Damien saved her and said they were his, and now they can live happily every after ecstasy and all!

With all these new secrets, drugs, and sex there is much more to come next week....maybe it's finally time for Jenny to loose her V card -- Damien does seem like a very upstanding man. Until next week,

You know you love me,

Gossip Girl

"Spotted Chuck Bass breaking bread with his mother. Looks like our little boy lost is finally found, for now at least." -xoxo Gossip Girl

Serena and Nate are quickly becoming the newest hot and heavy couple. Although they say they are trying to be in a real relationship having each other for breakfast on the kitchen counter seems counterproductive. Either way, for right now, whatever they are, they are inseparable and I can't imagine that changing any time soon.

What is changing soon is Dan and Vanessa's budding relationship — or shall I say friends with benefits. Of course Dan and Vanessa don't want to risk too much in their quest to hook up with each other so they decided to make a compromise and be fuck buddies. I'm not sure exactly how this is going to work out, I guess only time will tell.

Chuck's mom finally came clean about the real story of who she is and why she was back in New York. After Chuck finally heard her out and heard what she had to say they might have a chance of some possible relationship ... Chuck Bass with a mother. I just can't see Chuck calling his mom to tell her he made it home safe or closed another business deal.

It seems Little J is about to close the deal with Damien, this new crazy and convoluted storyline of drugs and secret love between her and the bad ass seems a little much. But even more convoluted is

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