Gossip Girl recap: OMJC

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But our favorite couple, Chuck and Blair, (Chair, Bluck, whatever you want to call them)  are absolutely as perfect and adorable as ever. Although they may have lost the drama for the moment, their passion for each other is unstoppable and scandal and sexcapades are never far from my favorite couple.

While Chair/Bluck is too fucking cute for words, Georgina and Dan hooking up on the rooftop screams blast from the past scandal. Who knows where this will go, but last time there was an indiscretion between these two, Georgina ended up in boot camp. Needless to say, Blair Waldorf walking in on Dan and Georgina will not end with a high five.

Way to start college, Upper East Siders!

You know you love me,

Gossip Girl

Our favorite Upper East Siders started college this week. Dan, Vanessa, and Blair all are at NYU, Nate's starting at Columbia soon, and Serena is off to Brown, right? Maybe not. In her apparent quest to be the center of attention, Serena decided Brown was not the right decision for her. Ivy League just isn't good enough for this van der Woodsen, so Serena is taking the path less traveled for now, socializing with martinis and Manolo Blahniks and living her fabulous life. Who needs college when you have limos, crazy woods sex with Carter Basin, and the world at your fingertips? At least for now...we'll see what happens when Lily comes home.

While Serena is "finding herself," guess who found Blair Waldorf? None other than Georgina Sparks (our favorite villain!) who is now also her new roommate. Welcome to your freshman year from hell Blair! Let the battle for Queen B begin. While Blair tries and fails with headbands and sake (see above for proof), Georgina throws a boho chic rooftop rager. But Blair never admits defeat that early. Instead, she calls in new recruits in the form of missionaries from Georgina's past at bible camp, all sporting shirts that say OMJC and tambourines... cause everyone loves a good Jesus party.

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