Is DirecTV being inconsiderate to Chris Farley and his fans? (video & poll)

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My own view is that the commercial isn’t exactly offensive, but I also don’t particularly appreciate it. It just feels wrong to be trying to sell TV packages by using the best-known performance of a dead guy who can't protest the use of his work. While the advertisement won’t stop me from getting a DirecTV package if I so chose, I do find it low and immoral.

This isn’t the first time DirecTV has been less-than-considerate regarding a deceased actor. Previously, the satellite TV provider ran a different ad in the same campaign, this one featuring Heather O’Rourke, the 12-year-old actress from Poltergeist ("They're here …") who died back in 1988. Can't these marketing weenies cannibalize a movie with actors who are still alive?

So, what do you think? Is the advertisement immoral? offensive? In poor taste? Or am I being too serious with a commercial that is meant to be a funny tribute?

Recently, DirecTV brought out its newest commercial in the campaign that has featured a scene from a famous movie, re-edited into a pitch for satellite TV. (You know, like this one …) The newest clip features the movie Tommy Boy, and has caused a bit of a stir as it features Chris Farley, who you'll recall died of a drug overdose in December of 1997. So, are people being a bit prudish about this or did DirecTV actually commit a no-no?

Check out the DirecTV ad after the jump …

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